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New Contributor

My LogMeIn account has been hacked (twice) in the past 24 hours, and I need tech support

I have received two emails from LogMeIn giving me notice that there was a log in from Vietnam and one from China.   

I logged into my LogMeIn>Join.Me account and found that

  • both of these logins were able to set their devices as TRUSTED.
  • They hacked the code on the site so that I was unable to UN-trust these devices
  • I have screen shots of the log in logs and IP addresses
  • I have the original LogMeIn emails to me
  • I have smartphone JPGs of the emails and screen shots

What I do not have is TECH SUPPORT!


I have been trying all day to get help.  I have submitted tech tickets, only to be told "its not our problem (this was a last pass person, and I am concerned about my data there)--go to LogMeIn."  The phone number at the URL they gave were only  troubleshooting conference calls, and the woman there passed me along to two other phone numbers, a place that has never heard of LogMeIn

PLEASE, how do I reach someone competent to help?  I know that if my account is being hacked, and they are changing the code on the interace,  then other people's accounts are at  risk also--so certainly LogMeIn should want to lend a hand here!!!