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I have currently a proplem with the product GoToMeeting on  my win7 laptop.
Frequently a popup-msg appears on the desktop telling me
"GoToMeeting funktioniert nicht mehr" (GoToMeeting doesn`t work anymore)
When I try to deinstall it, this message appears also, but there is no reaction.

Any idea, what I have to  do to deinstall GoToMeeting?


Thanks a lot for support

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Re: GoToMeeting

Confirming that I have precisely the same issue and it started about 2 weeks ago and continues daily. The message appears and when closed/canceled it appears instantly 4 MORE times. Then it stays away for several minutes, maybe up to 30, then it starts the "appear" cycle again.


It is very annoying.


AND I have been unable to uninstall GoToMetting since this appeared to be the only way to fix it - NOT.


How do I get rid of this product completely ? 


John Walsh