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Share your experiences using LMI+CTI



I know for a fact that CTIs and LMI work together as per the thread that I read here too. I'm into exploring that option too but I don't know how or where to start. I read several comments that suggest specific CTIs that works with LMI, but are there any other suggestions you can give? 


I'd like to know how the company is (support, pricing) and how'd you rate your experience with that brand. Can you also guide me where I can start? I don't know if it's just a plug and play kind of thing. 


Cheers! Hope to get help soon! 

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Re: Share your experiences using LMI+CTI

There's a lot of CTIs that are now available for integration. May I know what purpose you'd be using a CTI for that would require for you to use LMI? This way we can narrow down your options.
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Re: Share your experiences using LMI+CTI

Hi, Andrew!


CTI's are a must these days. Our company uses CTI to links our systems, just like any other company and we love how seamless things have been ever since we sign up with Tenfold. It only took 10 minutes to get us started and we can't believe it. CTIs cost a lot and what we love about using Tenfold is that it's cost-efficient because it comes with tons of useful features that we would otherwise needed to have customized ($$$). 


If you're still looking, check out some of the case studies here:


Hope this helps out!