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Using Chromebook or Chrome to connect to LMI clients is seriously bad with web interface

This is since the new web interface.  August 2017

I've been using a Chromebook to connect to the LMI clients for the last few years and it was fine until recently.  Now it is TERRIBLE!  Each move of the cursor, or click, starts a new, and VERY slow, screen refresh.  I tested this with both the Chromebook on several machines, and the Chrome browser on my computer.


I did the testing on the fastest connections I have on both ends.  Same response.  I also tried turning the display accelerator on the client on and off with the same result.


Please advise on any help to change this.  I don't want to have to go back to carrying my PC laptops everywhere again.  It's not that they don't work, they're fine, just slower, and heavier than the Chromebook that starts almost instantly(I don't shut it down, as the sleep works beautifully).