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New Contributor

Cannot find a way to cancel subscription

I have been trying for days to cancel my subscription, which is up for renewal in a few weeks. It seems I can only do this by phone. However the phone number available for the UK for this purpose won't connect - I have tried it several times over several weeks from different phones and locations. The long distance number provided muted my phone so I could hear but not be heard. The links all seem to be out of date and no longer referring to rxistent pages. It is frankly Kafkaesque. I cannot canel because I cannot talk to anyone. I am wasting a lot of time on this. Can someone help me?

New Member

Re: Cannot find a way to cancel subscription

Hi Victor, 

You can go to our support site and send an email so it's in writing -


The phone numbers are there too bottom right of the page. Make sure to give them the main admin email of the account 

GoTo Contributor

Re: Cannot find a way to cancel subscription

Hey @victorpac ,

I reached out to the support team internally and they promised to follow up with you. 

GoTo Manager

Re: Cannot find a way to cancel subscription

Hi @victorpac

I apologize for the support difficulty.  


Please click my Community name to send a private message confirming your phone contact and Pro account email address for a follow up from Customer Support. 


Ash is a member of the LastPass Community Care Team.

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