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Sluggish connection

Since our remote users upgraded to the "free" logmein they are now experiencing abnormally slow screen refreshs, 15-20 seconds, each time a screen refresh is needed. They were all working well until this upgrade. We adjusted/lowered their resolution settings in logmein which did not improve performance. Has anyone else experienced this problem?
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I am still experiencing very sluggish responsiveness to no responsiveness at all. The sluggish response times is not just with my connections but the connection to LMI specifically. For example a short time ago I attempted to 'refresh' My Computers list and after 2-3 minutes of 'loading...' showing in the tab I just shut down the browser and went back into LMI fresh.


This happens alot, not with just the refresh, but many other selections, such as  selecting a connection from My Computers. It may sit for 2-3 minutes just showing 'loading'... if I am patient enough it will eventually go to the next screen for me to put in the access information for the PC...


This is a significant problem that I experience before the new product, but now seems to be worse. I have a lightly used T1 in my office and do not notice any other web related connection problems.  But there seems to be a problem with the LMI server(s)...

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This is SO frustrating! Possibly this is in the wrong place, seeing as I'm using Free for Mac, but this thread seems to be updated more often than the one I previously started. The first time I was instructed to update, some while ago, I started getting the really bad latency issues that many appear to have experienced. I have updated again today (3rd October) and I'm STILL getting the same thing, although many on here claim that it's solved their problems.


When it was working well, a window would move instantly and in its entirity - now, there's a delay of around half a second or so before it's fully selected and then moving it is sluggish and the window is broken up into sections until it comes to rest again. Compared to the way it was, this is just unworkable. What's causing this..? Surely I don't have to go and change things such as network settings and the like, do I? I tried both Java and HTML encoding, but quickly switched back to ActiveX as the others made the experience even worse! Anyone?

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I haven't noticed much improvement either. I'm starting to suspect the "fix" was a placebo. Even the best comment acknowledges that it's still not as responsive as the pre-Central version.


So they make something that was REALLY REALLY bad so that its just REALLY bad and they call that progress. Reminds me of Microsoft pushing VISTA - except Microsoft didn't FORCE me to use VISTA. I could still use XP. I was even able to go back to XP after deciding VISTA was a dog. With LogMeIn, we now have had an inferior "upgrade" forced down our throats with no reasonable recourse other than to find a different solution provider.


Not the most brilliant minds running around the LMI corporate offices.  

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No, you're not alone. Just be thankful you haven't paid for this "Service" like I/My company has. I cannot get a straight answer from anyone at LMI. I have done everything listed in these fourms with no luck at all. And now they are asking me to renew! Yea, Right. My suggestion is to find another program, Because obviously it's not going to be fixed. Here is where I'm starting


Hope you have better luck than I have.

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oh my goodness. been suffering with this problem as well. been using LMI for years, but just tried gotomypc. it is silly faster, even the website is faster. it is in another league at the moment in terms of usability, just outrageous prices. anyway, will try it for 30 days and see how it goes.
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I started having major sluggishness a few weeks ago, and I thought it was the new software.


However, I started noticing that other programs (i.e., NOT logmein) were being affected on their network connectivity as well.


My son bought a new Ethernet board and installed it and all of the sluggishness went away.


It seems that the ethernet controller on the motherboard of the PC had gone bad.  Just a strange coincidence.


And now logmein is back to it's normal speed.  And that makes me very Smiley Happy

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Ok I too experienced the 'slowdown' after the upgrade.  I noticed that during the upgrade process I unknowingly installed the LMI host on my remote 'login' computer and it was running in the background.  Once I disabled it my connection improved.  Not the way it use to be but a noticeable difference.  I also swiched to B&W which helped too.




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and chose a network connection other than 'Auto'.
Message Edited by crose on 10-12-2009 04:27 PM
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I was able to do a back-to-back test today. My home machine has the updated LMI software; my work machine is running the old one that I have refused to upgrade. I had an InDesign file that I did some relatively minor amends on, created a PDF, dropped it into a folder on an external hard disk and then emailed to myself.


Timing myself at each end to do the exact same procedures on the EXACT same equipment and operating systems, the home-to-work (using the new driver) took me 4 minutes and 37 seconds. The other way around, it took 3 minutes and 40 seconds.


In both instances, the procedures were done as quickly as the hardware (and in particular, the scree refresh rate) would allow. Even if I were to add on/take away 20 seconds or so to cover the human element, it still took roughly 25% longer using the new software.


If this real-world test doesn't flag up the need to address the problem, I don't know what will. 

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Hi there,  I've just downloaded Logmein pro - the free version just to try it out for the Christmas break before I commit to buy.  It is very slow - ok for emergencies when I have to get into my computer at work - but no way I could work on it.  Does anyone know if the bought version is any better - or just the same version, but not restricted to 30 days.  I've tried logging in from 2 diff computers but always slow.  Thanks!