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Sluggish connection

Since our remote users upgraded to the "free" logmein they are now experiencing abnormally slow screen refreshs, 15-20 seconds, each time a screen refresh is needed. They were all working well until this upgrade. We adjusted/lowered their resolution settings in logmein which did not improve performance. Has anyone else experienced this problem?
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Maxaction wrote:

Hi there,  I've just downloaded Logmein pro - the free version just to try it out for the Christmas break before I commit to buy.  It is very slow - ok for emergencies when I have to get into my computer at work - but no way I could work on it.  Does anyone know if the bought version is any better - or just the same version, but not restricted to 30 days.  I've tried logging in from 2 diff computers but always slow.  Thanks!

Did you really just dig up a post from 2009? -- Just an FYI the most recent update that came down in December is causing the problems you described. LMI is normally not like this on free or subscribed services. There are multiple posts in both the Pro and Free sections about the slow, sluggish, and poor performance of the recent update.

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I just purchased a 25-user license along with one LogMeIn Central. All users are experiencing slow response and poor quality. I wish I would have read all the discussions on the Community site before I made the purchase. So far no response from Support regarding this issue. Maybe there is no fix?

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What do you mean all users experencing slow response and poor quality?? Where are all the users connecting from and too? Are they use WLAN connections? I read alot of complaints about the speed issues, but I have 400+ computers on LMI and use Central and have yet to experience bad connections, except when my broadband itself is slow or the computer I'm logging into is running at a high processor usage with small amount of RAM.

Also depends on factors on the PC I'm connecting to at the time.  If you could clarify a few things might be able to get into your problem more as what the root problem really is.




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Something that I noticed when remote controlling a Windows 7 PC is that:

- Menus don't just pop open, but instead 'dim' through several shades of colour until they finally appear

- scrolling also goes in very small steps and lags behind remote mouse movement

All this 'lagging behind user action' makes the system appear extremely slow. It appears like LMI is transferring individual screenshots without much own intelligence or optimization. Colour settings were on a medium quality setting. The connection is a fast VDSL link with low latency.

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I'm seeing the same poor performance.  When I checked the Task manager on the remote machine on one of my sessions, the CPU usage was at over 90% used by LMI.

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Several people have complained about the latest versions of LOGMEIN being much slower.  I too had these troubles.


Everyone said to:


Turn off background

Either enable or disable the accelerator


These two options helped a little.


Next I found out, that the new LOGMEINs come with HD enabled for display quality.  This is not good, and should be asked for during the installation of LOGMEIN.


The fix, select the RED BLUE GREEN square at the top when connected, and adjust to the left.  This will help very much.


Now for those of you that occasionally accept the FREE PRO UPGRADE offers, and/or USE PRO alreay, I found this out.


When the client PC is muted, the sound still gets transferred.  So you have to also mute LOGMEIN with its own MUTE OPTION AT THE TOP along with where all the other options are listed (such as display quality).


Anyone who would like to add to this thread to "help", please do so.   As it will be beneficial to all.


Thanks and I hope this helps some people.  It resumed my control to the original speeds.

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I am experiencing very slow connection too, and I want to give mt contribution:


- The pc I want to connect to is a very powerful one powerful (i7 4 cores 16Gb ram) logmein is not using much resources in it (1% cpu)

- before I had the problem, the destination pc used all my DSL upload bandwidth to send updates to me, (100KB/s) now it's using only 16K/s maximum

- I am using the lowest quality possible (grayscale)

- Every time I connect to remote pc, the audio is turned on (I want it off )



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P.s.: I am using th free service.

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After the today's update things are going better. Not as fast as in the past, but better