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The year is 2022 and Kaspersky is blacklisted by the FCC yet installed by Logmein

We pulled away from Kaspersky due to security concerns in 2016 and its now got a foothold on all of our computers due to using Logmein,  Is there a way we can set it not to use that since we have a third party EDR in place? Not only does it trash log files and fill up smaller hd computers its probably not the best vendor to have installed on a computer since there is some world turmoil going on from a security standpoint. Russia has hacked their way thru ViaSat, hacked Motorola walkie talkies I don't see if any stretch of the imagination to use one of their own software productions to get a foothold into other computers. 

GoTo Moderator

@SuperPotato  We only use a part of the technology developed by Kaspersky for updating the local host's software.  If you disable the updater then Kaspersky won't run in the background there. 


You can find a longer discussion available in the Central Community here: 

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