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Something VERY wrong is happening.

So I am using LogMeIn to log into my home computer from work.  As a developer I like to be logged into our dev system under more than one account, so I find it usefull to have 2 pc's going rather than logging in and out of our website over and over again.


So my IT guys came to me with an issue.  My PC pulled 5.4 GIG of bandwidth just yesterday alone.  We traced it to UDP port 8228, and finally we traced that to a logmein service.  I was only using a browser on the other computer....  When we blocked that port it swicthed to 8233.  It seems to range between 8225 and 8240.  Though I am not sure what it is for, or why.  I figured this out by going on my computers, dashboard, peformance info, open tcp/ip ports.  If I look at only listening ports, I can see a long list of them.  I am wondering, what the heck?  I thought LogMeIn ran over port 80, why the long list of ports.


Why is logmein using those ports, what does it use them for, and how on earth is it using so much bandwith?  My IT couterparts use logmein as well, with no issues.  However when I use it, it seems to bork our network. 

I need to figure out why and how it used 5.4 gig of bandwidth in 1 day, or I cannot continue using/paying for this product.


The ONLY thing I can possibly think of, is I have 6 monitors at home, with desktop widgets set up.  Those are 8 clocks referencing our international offices.  Even though those monitors aren't the active one, ever time the second hand moves, perhaps logmein is sending a new image of the background.  Then even when idle, a jpg is transfered every single second.  That's the only thing I can come up with.  No I wasn't transfering files, or anything simple like that.


Please help, suggestions needed.

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Re: Something VERY wrong is happening.

Today, IT reports it is using a different port now.  53400  Odd.

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Re: Something VERY wrong is happening.

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For something like this, I would recommend you contact our technical support department directly. You can find out contact information here.


Thank you!

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