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New Contributor

20K devcies with no data

Last week, we were unable to load the devices tab in Chrome.

I've tried to load it in Firefox, which it works. But i can see that we have over 29K devices now.

Normally, I think we don't even have 2K.  All these device have no data in the version and IP adresses field.


Is there a way to get rid of them?

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: 20K devcies with no data

Hi Samuel, sorry for any confusion there. It sounds to me like those two issues may e separate from one another.


Has your device list updated since yesterday?

Is there any data listed that we could reference towards the source?

New Contributor

Re: 20K devcies with no data

Hi, don't mind the Firefox/Chrome issue.  It's not working on Firefox also anymore.


The device tab is Timing out, we are not able to see it. When i was able to see it, there was over 20K computers that should'nt be there. 


Since it's timing out, i can't give you any data. Is there a way you could remove all the devices with "no datat" in the Version field?

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: 20K devcies with no data

Hi Samuel,

I actually don't know of a way to remove devices en masse by name alone.  If this is still occurring for your group would you mind creating a case with Customer Care for further investigation?