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New Contributor

Feature Request: Enable Clipboard Sync by Default

I was sent here by support staff, as apparently this is where feature requests are meant to go, and there's allegedly no internal way to handle them via the support team. 

Generally I believe that "community" forums are the preferred way for a company to offload support tasks onto untrained and less useful volunteer labour and ignore their user base, but hey, I guess I'll give it a try. 


In RescueAssist, there should be an option to turn on clipboard sync by default, so that the clipboard syncs immediately upon session start. This happens in GoToAssist Expert already. 

Additionally, I've noticed that the clipboard sync is really clunky. It seems like I can't freely copy and paste like one would in Expert - it seems to require one to toggle the sync off and back on to copy/paste a second item, or click the link in the chat to update the clipboard which doesn't actually seem to do anyhting. 

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Feature Request: Enable Clipboard Sync by Default

Hi there,

Welcome to the LMI Community!


This is certainly a good place to discuss ideas and issues, so we appreciate all the feedback you have to offer.  If you have any other specific details you could offer such as the OS, browser version, and client you're connecting into, we may be able to improve the experience for users in that scenario.

New Contributor

Re: Feature Request: Enable Clipboard Sync by Default

It's a feature request, so I'd hope that it would be implemented across all browsers/OSs, but very well. 
Currently using Chrome on Win10 Pro x64 1809. Both within about a month of being fully up to date. 


The clipboard sync is turned off by default for all sessions, unattended or attended, across all client OSs as far as I've seen.