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Re: GotoAssist Mac Issues

Any update on this issue?  We are now running Rescueassist on mac but now that doesn't work some times. Same issue is going on with that issue, plus when it does work the mouse or keyboard is not working. We can't do anything with the mac. We have to reinstall the software again. After a couple of days running, we try again to connect and it breaks.  Lost it yesterday because we had to drive to the location to load the software again. 


Any update on this issue would be good. 



LogMeIn Manager

Re: GotoAssist Mac Issues

Hi @Acer1277 


I've moved this over to the RescueAssist board since that is what you are using now. The majority of the Mac issues that have been reported more recently for RescueAssist were the result of the new Security features Apple introduced. If the security permissions have been set and you're still losing control of the Mac, we will want to gather log files from the affected Mac and create a case.


Do you use a PC or Mac to run RescueAssist and support your clients?


Mac Unattended Log Files:


The default installation folder of the unattended shell is this: "/Library/Application Support/LogMeInRemoteSupportUnattended/<unique ID>/". The xxxx is an incremental number, please search for the latest folder by date and time!

Get all the log files from this folder:

    • LogmeinRemoteSupportUnattendedDaemon.log
    • LogmeinRemoteSupportUnattendedDaemon.srv.log
    • LogmeinRemoteSupportHelper.log

Enter the appdata subfolder and get all the log files, like:

    • LogmeinRemoteSupportUnattended.log


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