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Rescue Assist limited compared to GotoAssit


I have been using GotoAssit since 2009, and it has become an invaluable assest.  Without it, I would not have been able to continue operating my business without incurring  large  travel and other expeneses. 


I tried Rescue Assist on various computers  I have setup with unattended access with GotoAssist. 


One of the main drawbacks I see is, although it connects automatcally when you first connect the remote session, when  you reboot the client computer, you must manually enter the user's password in order to continue.   


I have 100+ unattended computers, mainly workstations setup with several customers in different parts of the country.   Routine updates, and other scheduled maintenance is performed on these workstations at night when they are not needed or being used.   Having to manually enter the user's password upon reboot on every workstation is not practical.  Yes, the users password can be changed via the active directory server, but this adds additional workload to what otherwise has been routine maintenance. 


A second drawback I see, is the inability to easlily transfer files from the unattended workstations. 

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Re: Rescue Assist limited compared to GotoAssit

Hi @T1Jafo 


Thanks for the feedback, you've raised some good points. We are continuing to update RescueAssist, I would recommend subscribing to this post so you are notified when updates are released.


Glenn is a member of the LogMeIn Community Care Team.

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