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RescueAssist Device List Empty

GoToAssist lists all Device Groups and Unattended Devices.

RescueAssist (new webconsole) lists all Device Groups, but the Unattended Devices is empty.


When accessing the Unattended Devices, this is displayed:

You don't have any Unattended devices yet.
Just prior to displaying the above message, the Unattended Device screen briefly displays a list of the Device Groups in a dimmed font.
I have duplicated this problem on two different computers, both running up-to-date Chrome. I have also cleared all cookies/cache on both PCs.
In Chrome, F12, Console, F5 displays this:
Content script injected     content.js:38
Any suggestions?
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Re: RescueAssist Device List Empty


Sorry for any confusion there.  I am not aware of an issue like this currently.


If you installed Unattended Support through GoToAssist Remote Support, they should all still be available through the endpoint and the websites.   If this is still occurring, we may want to document your environment and account thoroughly. 

Do you have a regular screen shot you could post here?

Can you confirm the Chrome versions tested?



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Re: RescueAssist Device List Empty

Thanks for you quick reply.


Please note that the Device Groups and Devices are listed correctly in GoToAssist, and the Device Groups are listed in the RescueAssist Console. What's missing is the actual devices.


This is occuring on two PCs, both running Windows 10 (fully updated) and Chrome (fully updated), Version 71.0.3578.98 (Official Build) (64-bit) -- so I'm wondering if it's an account issue rather than a PC issue. I also tested this in a VM where the GoToAssist was never installed. In the VM, RescueAssist (webconsole) correctly displays the Device Groups, but does not display any devices. See below for the Error.


Is there a data migration that may have not occured? Or do both GoToAssist and RescueAssist use the same datasbase? Are the Host Agents the same for both products?


Immediately before the error below is displayed, the Device Groups briefly are displayed in a dimmed font (greyed out). There's another discussion thread that indicates that this occured in November to another user, but the problem eventually went away for him.


The Error displayed:

Logmein Error.JPG

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Re: RescueAssist Device List Empty

@TechDan  Thanks.  We'll do our best to repro and investigate further.

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Re: RescueAssist Device List Empty

I tried to use RescueAssist (webconsole) on another PC, with the same results. At this point, it  looks like my GoToAssist Account has a problem with RescueAssist.


To summarize, GoToAssist works 100%. RescueAssist (webconsole) displays the Device Groups, but does not display the Devices.


What is our next step?

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Re: RescueAssist Device List Empty

@TechDan  We've made a change to that viewpoint so they should all be accessible in Device List.  Please let us know if you find otherwise.