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New Contributor

RescueAssist Unattended 204 Uninstall

Our environment is largely comprised of RescueAssist 204 and 221 unattended.  We are finding that some clients that have auto-updated from 204 to 221 are no longer able to uninstall 204 from the MSI product ID.  These clients then tend to show up with multiple entries in the console, and multiple instances of the client on the machine.  Is there a recommended uninstall process for this scenario?  We deploy via SCCM if it helps.  


Edit:  Error message when attempting to uninstall 204 via msiexec /x {pid} is that the software doesn't exist.  

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: RescueAssist Unattended 204 Uninstall

Hi Greg,

As far as I know, the 204 version shouldn't really be a standalone that can be uninstalled --- the 221 version should overlay it completely once finalized.  Have these affected machines been fully rebooted after the updates?