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RescueAssist is NOT Ready for Primetime

The new RescueAssist service has been a horrible experience so far. The new Mac OS X Mojave security is not the product's fault at all, but the way the product handles and informs the user is horrible.


My first test was from a High Sierra iMac to a Mojave MacBook Pro - both in house over a 400/20 connection. First connection succeeded and the in browser display was so bad I couldn't read anything (note the a standard GTA desktop app ver 1610 connection was beautiful). The new service places a green (I think green as I am color blind) box around the screen, which at first remained on the Remote Mac screen even after disconnecting. I also was unable to get control - I couldn't find the Accessability permission request (NOTE: Yes I could have, but I didn't want to manually assign permissions because I wanted to see the user experience). After a second session connected I did see the expected box - although I had to look for it as it ended up behind other windows. But allowing the permissions didn't turn on control. I had to disconnect and reconnect to get have the control permissions kick in. Once I was able to get connected with permission and remote control, the screen was "better", but often glitched and became very pixelated. That has never happened with the desktop app. Also, after allowing the Accessibility permissions that fixed the green box issues. Overall, if this were a client trying to connect, it would take one connection minimum to allow the accessability permissions, a second session to have them kick in and make the green box work properly, and then I would have a laggy horrible screen share.


Oh yeah, I also went to the RescueAssist Admin area and saw all my old recordings. I checked one from a month ago that clearly showed a client session I had done, but no matter which one I downloaded it always downloaded the recording for the test sessions I had just done. It also downloaded as an MKV file where the old GTA portal downloads as MP4. The MP4s looked great as expected. The MKV files had to be converted of course, or opened in something like VLC (no big deal) but they showed the horible screen share too. 


Overall, REALLY hoping the RescueAssist is not forced on us. I have been through two past nightmare product changes and would like to avoid another.

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: RescueAssist is NOT Ready for Primetime

@Razz1  Thanks for the detailed feedback, and keep it coming.


You can continue to use the Remote Support desktop software but we would appreciate you testing RescueAssist and providing additional feedback as we are updating the features within.