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RescueAssist vs. GoToAssist

Need help deciding which product to buy. I'm a consultant and I need to be able to log into my client office's computers (usually manned, but sometimes not). I only need one computer at a time, and will likely do this only 4-5 times a month. 


Can't tell which product is best for us. Please advise! 

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Re: RescueAssist vs. GoToAssist

I am in a similar situation and find that GoToAssist works very well for my needs. Some of my work is on Customers' Windows servers, and some is remote support of their Windows desktops.  The GoToAssist unattended client is solid, and I can organize the customer's systems into groups, and access them as needed.


I have found the RescueAssist product to be difficult to implement and not a good fit for the type of work I do. I have no need for the mobile versions or phone support.  I think the RescueAssist is probably more useful in corporate helpdesks, where they have on demand support requirements, or for consultants that might need the ability to support anyone in an ad-hoc way.

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Re: RescueAssist vs. GoToAssist

I agree with Boyd B.  I prefer GoToAssist over RescueAssist.  We appear to have both - when i log in, I'm asked if i want to log into RescueAssist or GoToAssist.  I logged into RescueAssist once or twice more by accident than anything when i was trying to connect to a user's computer.  I couldn't find the file transfer options in RescueAssist and didn't have the luxury of spending time looking for it, so i quickly logged into GoToAssist and had the customer back up and running in no time flat.   


I've been using GoToAssist for probably 10 years now.  It's never failed me yet.

You can group computers so that all computers for a client are all listed together.

It is very easy to implement.

You can do file transfers to/from the computer you are connected to. 

Although you may only need to connect to one computer at a time, right now, there could come a time when you need to be able to connect to more than one and GoToAssist is great for that as well. 

I tried using RescueAssist once or twice but couldn't find where to do file transfers and i didn't have the time luxury of looking for that feature.  The customer desperately needed assistance so i