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Rescueassist - using browser plugin for simplicity - question

My understanding is, ( and please correct me if I am mistaken), RescueAssist adds a plugin and uses an existing web browser .


In the past I have seen a new customer’s computer infested with certain types of malware.  Sometimes viruses  / malware will hijack the browser(s)  and prevent the customer from  navigating to "", ( or even worse – spoof the website in an attempt to get the customer to download and install a rouge program of their choosing) .    In these cases, in order for me to establish a remote connection I would setup a temporary ftp server with the GotoAssist unattended installer, then walk them through connecting and downloading via command prompt.   


If the previous did not work or was not practical, (some customers cannot be walked through that type of process),  I would send the session support link to one of their friend’s  email address on a different computer, then walk them through downloading  the unattended installer on a usb flash drive and use that to install it on the original computer.   (Sometimes would have to rename the file extension, in order to get past the malware).   


If RescueAssist requires a browser, and the browsers have been compromised, would I still be able to establish a remote connection using one of the above methods?  ( I hope this makes sense). 

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Re: Rescueassist - using browser plugin for simplicity - question

Hi @T1Jafo 


You can download an Unattended Support installer from your Devices page on 


Glenn is a member of the LogMeIn Community Care Team.

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