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New Contributor

Shift-click Ctrl-click doesn't work

Rescue Assist on Chrome connecting to Win 10 unattended clients (Pro or Home)

It is not possible to use shift or ctrl click. 

Ctrl-left-click is used to select multiple items in a folder window or list.

Shift-left-click is used to select all the items between and including the first & last clicked item in a list.

Shift-left-click or ctrl-left-click is used to alter the behavoir of delete from the right click menu to delete item(s) instead of sending them to the recycle bin.

None of these work.  This was never a problem with GoTo Assist.  I use this functionality a lot and it is truly a disaster for me that it doesn't work anymore.

I'm sure there are hundreds if not thousands of uses for ctrl-click and/or shift-click functionality.

(I sent an email to feedback, they didn't read completely and told me how to enter capital letters...)