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Unattended stuck on "Starting" after an update

We upgraded to the newest build of "RescueAssist" (although my end all still says "GoToAssist") a week or so back.  But the next day a significant amount of the machines were showing "offline".  When I connect via other means (Simple-Help is our backup remote access) it appears the GoToAssist service is stuck on "starting", both in the services manager (services.msc) and when you hover the mouse over the GTA icon in the system tray, it just says "Starting...".  Restarting the service doesnt help nor resolve it, it still just stays stuck on "Starting".  I called GTA tech support last week, they told me to simply uninstall the unattended client, reconnect via a regular session with a key, and reconfigure the unattended installer.  Thats all fine and well and that works, until the next day.  Now, after the weekend, and my automatic server reboots (these are all servers), there are even more than ever clients not connecting.  We cant be the only one this is happening to after upgrading from build 1610 to 1624??    This is extremely irritating!! 

Other details:  These are all server machines, running varying versions of Windows Server OS, 2008 R2, 2012, and 2016, the only consistency is the "4.6 Build 1624".


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Re: Unattended stuck on "Starting" after an update

Hi @bithappens ,

Sorry for all the trouble there with your unattended. 

We will try to replicate this in-house, with similar servers, on the newest build.

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Re: Unattended stuck on "Starting" after an update

@bithappens  Thanks for your patience.

We were able to test this on several machines, upgrading to the most recent builds.  While we have had similar issues on older builds, we do not have anything like this documented with 1624.  If you could please contact Customer Support at your convenience so that we may collect log files from any affected servers you see with this behavior, we can continue the investigation further.