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New Contributor

Access to vault when internet is down?

I just noticed that when my internet went down, I couldn't access my vault (in Firefox browser - I typed in my master password but nothing happened). I went to


    but it's talking about 2FA methods, which I am not using. How do I get it to let me log into the vault when no internet is present?

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Access to vault when internet is down?



In order to permit offline access to your LastPass Vault, you must have a multifactor authentication option set up as this is how your account credentials are verified when an internet connection is not available. When multifactor authentication is enabled, you can choose whether to allow LastPass to store an encrypted vault locally so you can log in without an internet connection. Once you enable offline access, you will be able to login without using Multifactor (with the exception of Yubikey) in case of a connectivity issue.