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New Contributor

Re: Android App Keeps Asking For On Top Setting

This happens constantly on my Galaxy Tab S, but that runs Marshmallow so it was somewhat expected.

On my Galaxy S10 I can pinpoint when this started happening. Does anyone have the experience where there is one device, browser, etc. which never gets logged out, it's kind of a "master account access"?

Well I had that on my Mac chrome browser for probably over a year. Chrome pushed a browser update and now that browser requests regular logins (which pisses me off). This also triggered the issue on my phone requesting to draw other apps on my phone repeatedly. I've also noticed a degradation in performance on my phone, such as not recognizing login text boxes in certain cases. Once I go in and turn the permission off and back however, this is fixed.

Another user suggested going into the Samsung App Store (not the Play Store) and updating any apps that require updates. Can't report if this has helped yet.

Hope this helps someone else.