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New Contributor

Android Oreo does it work without beta?

Guys, I'm excited about the new handling of Lastpass in Android Oreo because at various times I've had work policies mess with the accessibility settings required for it to work.

But, I recently got the Oreo update (worth it if nothing else for faster restarts!) and it seems Lastpass no longer works. I get a message, only on start that the autofill settings are disabled. But those settings seem to be only Google autofill settings and the last thing I want is passwords leaking around.

So, does Lastpass still work using the old method on Oreo or not? I can't figure how to do it without installing the beta.
New Contributor

Re: Android Oreo does it work without beta?

I have a support ticket open for this very same issue. The auto-fill API in android v8 doesn't work properly within apps and the only thing that would work is the "add secure note" prompt over and over.

"I'm afraid it is not possible for us to grant your request -- we're sorry about that. Android 8 is a new OS, and our devs will need to investigate the issue and address the bugs that arise due to this new release."