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Authenticator push notifications not working

I have a number of websites connected to my LastPass Authenticator.

Typing in the numbers from Authenticator always works, but I can't seem to get push notifications to ever work.

After entering the MFA code, I see this pop up in the top right corner:

I click "ENABLE" and then get this:

But I've already added this site to Authenticator. That's how I actually got the MFA code.

Every MFA site works just like this. The only push notification that actually works is when I login to LastPass. For all the rest of the sites, LastPass tells me I can do push, but then never actually does it.

What do I need to do different?
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Re: Authenticator push notifications not working

Same for me, help!

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Re: Authenticator push notifications not working

Yep, me too. Same problem, Push notifictions does not work... .Only push notifications i ever get, if any, is related entering Lastpass, beyond that, Nothing, and i have enabled my device as trusted but has not improved.


Would be Great to be able to use it rather than having to First enter the masterpassword for the extentions to fill in my site credentials and Then have to enter a six digit code as well... If all that, then why do i need Last pass? if i now must make Two fills rather than One before. All that headache leaves me ticking in the "Remember the Master password" in the extention, wich the extention does Not like, im thinking if its such an issue and people are still doing it mayby then its a heache for them and time to make a better solution., as in getting the pushies working on All possible sites (would be great also if more than the "Reject" option was avialable on the iwatch app) If i have to enter my last pass password and Then the sixdigits then that just defeats the pupose, at least for me, having this and certainly Paying for it,. Increased security Sure, but not at the price of more "work".


Sorry DevNull, Didnt mean to highjack your thread, just got a bit carried away, i should have come here long time ago, instead ive just sat and been annoyed for paying for Lastpass 🙂 Guess i have some overtime built up animosity issues here with lastpass. 

I looked up and there is A Lot of people having this issue reported on the forum but what surprices me is how many of these issue posts that just goes unanswered. Ok i get it its a "community forum" but surely they should have a support guy that goes through and makes sure Everythning is answered... 

ANYWAY.... hrrrmm... Was just about to get carried away Again... What i meant to tell you is this that when i had this (Still do) issue and contacted their Live Support, yes there actually Is one just next impossible to find contact, so much so i have forgot how i found them ( i Guess that the idea for them).

So anyway, they told me that you have to enable the device as a "Trusted Device" inside the vault in the account section.... I know! I said the same thing; "But i have already Enabled it as a "Trusted Device" and using it, Lastpass apps, Already On the Device kind of confirms that i consider it at trusted device."

Yes well, reconfirm he says. I did and not much changed but maybe things can go diffrently for you!?


Anyway  i have attached their responce to me for you.....



"For the other application or accounts you have added to your Lastpass Authenticator, push notification will be depending on the application or account. For example facebook that will depends on that company if they will be offering push notification for that app or account. It will all depends on the application or accounts. 

The Notification will be send to the device where you installed the Lastpass Authenticator. This has nothing to do with the mobile devices under your account settings.

So please check this video and resetup your Lastpass Authenticator: