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New Contributor

Auto generate password to clipboard does not work

I asked LastPass to generate a password for a new login.
It did. In order to copy to clipboard, I got a screen with a button to request to copy. Which I pressed.
It pasted the password into the password field.
Later, I went to edit the new record in lastpass (to place in category) and uncovered the password field, only to discover that it had pasted a URL that I last copy-pasted last night, instead of a password that it was supposed to have generated.

Edit: in fact, generating passwords seems to be entirely disabled. It does not work at all. I went into the menu to just select the "generate secure password option", it shows a "fill password" button, and when I press it, it pastes the previous URL which was on my clipboard.
How do we generate passwords now, since your latest changes?
And why, oh why, does LastPass deploy changes that are not ready, for an app that is supposed to be all about hyper-security?