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I paid for Upgrade to Premium but my account still says Free

After the same frustration many others have experienced here, I was able to upgrade. My payment went through and I have the email receipt.

However,  after 4 days, my account still show s "Free" and I have none of the Premium features.

Of course I've tried logging out and back in, please don't ask me to do that. 🙂


Additionally, I've emailed tech support and received no reply. Oh yeah, I got the email that they are received my request, just nothing after that.

And when I get into Open My Vault, and go to Account Settings and click on Upgrade to Premium this screen comes up that says this:


You cannot purchase this product with your account

We're sorry, the product you are attempting to purchase is not compatible with your LastPass account. Please logout and use a different account, or contact support for help.

And gives me a button that says: "Log Out".


Has anyone else experienced this?


LogMeIn Manager

Re: I paid for Upgrade to Premium but my account still says Free



If you have opened a support ticket already,  the team will be following up with you to make sure the Premium license is applied to your account.


Glenn is a member of the LogMeIn Community Care Team.

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Re: Can't Upgrade to Premium

Exact same thing just happened to me.  I figured this would be fixed in the 72 hours the support email said, but now I am worried that you have been waiting 2 weeks for the resolution.  


I guess I can always dispute the transaction on my credit card and if necessary find another password manager to use.  I really do not want to do that, so hopefully we will see a quick resolution to this.

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Re: Can't Upgrade to Premium



I have amended my post to reflect it's been "4 days" (not 3 weeks, my bad). I purchased the upgrade on 2/17/21.

So, although it's disappointing, it's not yet reached the level of "epic fail" yet, and there's still hope for redemption for LogMeIn.


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Re: Can't Upgrade to Premium


It got fixed this morning. My account now shows "Premium".

Email from LastPass Support
(you'll have to excuse the bad grammar, I can forgive them as long as they fix my issues):

Hello and thank you for your patience.
We had refresh your account from our end and the issue should now be resolved.
I apologize for the delay in our confirmation that your issue was taken care of.