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New Contributor

Family shared folder permissions error

I am having the exact same issue as another unanswered thread.  Please advise us both!

I have cleared my cache, cancelled all open sessions, resigned in.  Nothing is allowing me to share the Family shared folder with my user.  Seems like the basic premise of Family?


Many thanks for anyone's insight. - Me



I am trying share a folder with a member of my family using the Families option. The member has accepted the invitation and is part of the group, but I cannot successfully choose a folder to share and change its permissions to "read only access" or "Administrator". I only receiver a VERY vague error message: "ERROR: We're not sure what went wrong. If the problem persists, reach out to the LastPass team." I have shared this folder with another family member in the past with no problems.

I have had this issue for weeks and cannot seem to get past it. Any ideas??

LogMeIn Manager

Re: Family shared folder permissions error

Hi @madmad 


Is your LastPass account under the same email address as you login for the community? I just looked up your account in our system and I do not see a Family plan subscription for it.


Glenn is a member of the LogMeIn Community Care Team.

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New Contributor

Re: Family shared folder permissions error

Hello Glen,  My Lastpass account is (edited for privacy GlennD)

I am still under the trial plan

I am still unable to share a folder with a user in my family.


Any assistance is greatly appreciated!