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Firefox Extension and DUO Security

Good morning:

I updated my Lasspass in Firefox yesterday to the extension version

The case that the login box has changed, it is asking me for the SMS key of the DUO Security to which I have associated my account in all the computers where I have installed LassPass.


The problem is that it does not provide the number of the code that I have to enter (0-9) for the keys that DUO Security sends by SMS.


I have requested new keys by SMS, and I have entered the first key and it has worked


But the thing is that it would have the extension that would indicate the number of the key I have to enter the next time I ask for the SMS key.


Is there a solution?


New Contributor

Re: Firefox Extension and DUO Security

Captura de pantalla 2020-09-18 155800.png


In this capture we can see what I'm talking about.

The multifactor key is requested, but it is not indicated which position.

There are ten key positions.

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Re: Firefox Extension and DUO Security

The problem is still not solved, I have opened a case, to see if anyone takes it seriously.