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New Contributor

Generated Passwords Disapear

Everytime I update a password and use lastpass to generate the new one it doesn't save it or it reverts back to the old one you have one job lastpass :roll: and since there's no history of saved generated passwords I have to reset my passwords again this is garbage. :evil:
Regular Contributor

Re: Generated Passwords Disapear

Make sure you are confirming the password change. That dialog window will be under the extension icon after you update a password on the site. Generated passwords are only cached temporarily. It's best to test a login immediately after changing a password to confirm that it updated successfully.
New Contributor

Re: Generated Passwords Disappear

I have the same problem.  A password cannot be found...  search won't find it, and browsing does not reveal its existence.

This seems to happen when I accept LastPass' dialog to add a password to the vault

It also happens every time I modify the "Name" field of a password 


I am using Chrome, and logged into My LastPass Vault as Family Manager


Click the wrench icon to edit a password

Change the Name field

Click save

Green "Success" banner appears at top of My LastPass Vault

search for the new name...

! your password is not found !


I usually then close the browser window and open a new one, then open My LastPass Vault, and the password is there.

I have also found that clicking around inside the vault to look at other areas like Addresses or Notes will address the issue.  When I return to Passwords or All Items, the renamed password is visible.


So it is not a serious bug, but a disconcerting one that makes me lose confidence in the product.  I am putting much faith and trust in LastPass.  I need it to be bulletproof and reliable.


Please fix or provide a work-around.  I want to trust LastPass