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Import from 1Password problem: blank usernames


When I import a file p1f. to last from 1password, import well but LOST all usernames!!!!. How can I solve this?

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Re: Import from 1Password don't work properly



Could you try these steps another user found worked for them to see if it resolves the issue with importing from 1Password you're experiencing?


  1. Export from 1password desktop app to a .csv file, make sure you have the binary component installed with your LastPass browser extension
  2. One this file in Excel, export as a CSV file from Excel, make sure the delimiter was a comma "," (default in Microsoft Word Excel export was ";" for some reason...)
  3. Open the CSV file in Notepad, and save it back with ANSI encoding (use the drop-down menu beneath the filename field in the "save-as" dialog window to select encoding)
  4. Using this file, upload to the LastPass extension (with the binary component installed in step 1) Not pasting text into the import-window!


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