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LastPass Premium - upgrade from free



i would like to know if exsist a way to upgrade my account wihtout using a credit card payement method, i would lile for example use paypal 


i want to upgrade the account, but

I don't want absolutelly that my credit card data are stored in the server of LastPass for security reason, more specifically i don't want to use the card at all for the online payements



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Re: LastPass Premium - upgrade from free

LastPass uses Stripe for payment processing. They are a major reputable online payment vendor. You will have to find a way to use a credit card, whether it be to trust Stripe, use a prepaid card, or other method.

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Re: LastPass Premium - upgrade from free

Hi @alesky 


It is also possible to upgrade your LastPass account to Premium using the Google Play Store on an Android device or the App Store on an Apple device. You can then use other payment methods.