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Lastpass failing to log out sessions

I have been monitoring my Lastpass logouts using the advanced settings "delete sessions" page; and recently I have noticed that it is not unusual for LastPass to fail to logout my sessions even when I logout using the Firefox browser icon's drop-down box and I click on "Log Out" before ending a session. I always do this before shutting down the internet connection: I open up the LP drop-down box via the FF browser icon and click on "log out" at which time the LP program says I am "logged out". I then wait a few seconds to give it time to run before I shut down the Internet connection. The next day when I first log in to LP (via the website) I navigate to "account settings" and then to "advanced settings" and click on "destroy sessions": here I find out that my previous session is listed as still active. I then click on the button to destroy all sessions except the current session and the old session disappears. My question is: why is this happening? I have noticed it occasionally over the past several years but now that I have been monitoring this behavior of LP on every login I have seen that it occurs fairly often (perhaps as often as 20% of the time). Why is this occurring and what do I need to do (if anything) to verify that my sessions are in fact logged out when I log out?
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Re: Lastpass failing to log out sessions

I should have mentioned in my original post that I am running Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (64-bit) and using LP on Firefox 55.0.2 (64-bit).