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Master password revert to lastest version


Like many, I lost my password and needed a recovery.

During this recovery process, the only option which I thought might work was to revert to an old password state from mars 2020. However that did not work either.


I have since the reversion to the old password recovered my recent password from an old computer.

So the situation is that I can login to the mobile app with my new password in offline mode, were I can view all entries but not add or change anything. 


However, I ca not login to the web based service since the new password is disabled. 

Is it possible to revert the web based service to my most recent password ?


Ps. My passwords are 16-20 random characters to hints does not works.

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Master password revert to lastest version



So that we can investigate and so that you don't post any private account information publicly, could you send me a private message with your LastPass account email address? To send me a private message, please click my username to view my profile, then click the blue "Send a Message" button in the upper right.

RachelO is a member of the LogMeIn Community Care Team.

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New Contributor

Re: Master password revert to lastest version



I sent you my email address.


Thank in advance.