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Payment method and more points of critique

Hi LastPass,


I started using this service a couple years ago because of mostly the following reasons:

  • There were massive data leaks, i had no super secure password
  • My password, while not a word on it's own, was still fairly easy for hardware to brute force
  • You folks spammed youtube influencers to promote lastpass (i suppose that worked on me, kind of)
  • and at that time it was beginning to be considered stupid if you didn't use a password manager

I picked lastpass because it was free and easy to use. That's really all there is to it for me choosing this.

Now I like using it for it's simplicity even though, at times, it was a bumpy ride due to weird bugs (on android).


Now the fact that i had to REGISTER on this forum while i'm already registered on LastPass kinda shows your total lack of integrating your services. I'm actually thinking that LastPass is just a money cow for LogMeIn.


Having said all that, i still hate to migrate to another service. Specifically migrating the authenticator is such a major pain that it's easier for me to just say: "heck, 25 euros for one year... ok, i'll RELUCTANTLY do that".


This is where things get spooky.

  1. The premium link, a week ago, didn't work at all from my lastpass manager. It simply timed out. To me, another sign that you don't give a **bleep** about the product, only the money. So i thought i'd wait till i get a mail. Which i got 3 days ago (at the time of this posting) and that link works.
  2. When clicking on your "generous" offer, the price turns out to be not €25 but €26.10. What's going on there? Why is that?
  3. Then for all the personal information i need to provide. Why do i need to provide that? You should not have a need for that and you're not going to get it!
  4. The thing that annoys me the most of all is... a credit card requirement! Like, WTF! Your password manager is quite likely used by loads and loads of people who just don't have one but would definitely be capable and willing to pay. I don't have one, never had a need for it. This option alone, or lack of options rather, is going to cost you potential customers. I would have payed if there were a paypal option. I could have, with some trouble, lived with a crypto payment option. But not a credit card!

So here we are, i "wanted" to go premium and i quite simply can't.

I don't want to give you my private details and i simple can't use a credit card. Now i can probably go for a virtual credit card, there are quite some options out there for that.


I suppose i'm asking if LastPass is going to provide a paypal option?  And would that option be available before the discount expires?


Otherwise it's on to an alternative. I hear very good things about Bitwarden, yet those articles do say that LastPass appears to be just king when it comes to user friendliness and the intuitive web interface.

LogMeIn Manager

Re: Payment method and more points of critique

Hi @markg85 


  • There was an issue on Tuesday that unfortunately coincided with our announcement of the upcoming changes and it also affected anyone trying to access the purchase page.
  • There are no plans to add support for payment through Paypal at this time.
  • The advertised price does not include VAT/GST, so that is displayed at the end before you confirm the purchase.
  • Your billing address is needed to process the credit card payment.
  • The LogMeIn community hosts multiple product communities, registration is separate because LastPass has its own identity service that is self contained and separate from our other services. 


Glenn is a member of the LogMeIn Community Care Team.

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New Contributor

Re: Payment method and more points of critique

Hi @GlennD,


Then lastpass sadly forces me to find an alternative solution.

It's a shame really...

New Contributor

Re: Payment method and more points of critique

Hello, short massage:

100% correct!

i do not have cc, so asked for help how to pay. No action!

And my biggest frustration: there is no phonenumber or any other contact possible, ( i lost mailadres of contact and can't find it back)