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Searching Vault fields question

I have an email account in (Live is a Microsoft Outlet account.)


I call it my live email or my email.  And I want to search for it that way.  But in the vault, neither work.  I can only find it if I search for Outlook.


I have changed the name to LIVE in Lastpass.

I have added LIVE, EMAIL and other words to Comments.


Why is search not finding this?


This is one of several problems I have when searching.


When this was set up, the Outlook logo was added to display, but this is an image.  There must be some meta information that it is searching rather than the two fields available to me.


How does search work?  What fields does it search?  Are there advanced search tricks (wildcards,. boolean logic)?


There are company names, domain names, functions of sites, marketing names, urs, and brand names that we cannot change.  We can refer to a website/account any way we like.  Compounding this would be having multiple accounts under one web site, such as multipole gmail ids.


How can I label a record so that it will come up in the way I search?



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Re: Searching Vault fields question

Hello @gdsoftwaremeans 


You should be able to use the Search function in LastPass to search any text in any of the text saved in any fields in your entries. The search will look for the text you've entered in the search field and show results from any of your vault items that have that matching text in any of the saved fields, including secure notes, addresses, etc. You can add an account "nickname" or any other notes in the Notes section of an entry and when searching your vault you the entry will show as a result, and there is not currently support for wildcards or boolean logic in the search function.

For example, if you have two Gmail accounts saved in your Vault you could edit one entry and add the text "goofy" to the Notes section of that entry, save to update the entry, and then when using the Search function typing "goofy" will show that Gmail entry in the results. 

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