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New Contributor

Security Dashboard shows incorrect information

Can someone tell me how to resolve this? This new Security dashboard appears at first glance to be a useful high-level view of the state of various passwords in a vault. However it can't be trusted. Mines shows a number accounts as being "at risk" because the Passwords are "old".
If I go into that account from Last Pass and update the Password so its brand new- 9 times out of 10 it still shows it as being at risk and old. I cannot clear this flag.
So to me there is some bug in the program. Sometimes it works and seems to recognise the new password update but mostly not. Until this is resolved its a bit useless frankly and untrustworthy. I wondered if the list of passwords was maybe only updated infrequently within dashboard but if I delete a defunct account it's immediately reflected in the dashboard so that seems less likely.