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New Contributor

dark web monitoring useless

The dark web monitoring needs to report the emails that were leaked, not who leaked them. I now have a list from LastPass of about 100 dark websites that leaked information and what they leaked (Emails, Passwords, Usernames, DOBs, IP Addresses, etc). This does me no good. What do I fix? Which email had it's password leaked? Which website that I have a login on was hacked?

I have 15 email addresses. One is specifically for spam. For example, when a website insists of my email address to let me see something I want (a quilt pattern, an exercise routine, ...), I give them my spam email. I don't care if it's leaked. However, I do have a couple of emails that I protect vigorously (access to my health information and money are tops). If one of those is compromised, I want to know.

In this reporting form, the dark web monitoring is useless to me.