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New Contributor

"Open My Vault" is not secure

Hey guys,


I've noticed that if I click on "open my vault" from the chrome extension, it will instantly open my vault with all my passwords. Anyone that happens to use my pc while I go to the bathroom, will be able to access this.


Is there a way to require a password each time I click on "open my vault"?

This is big security risk at the moment for my company.

LogMeIn Manager

Re: "Open My Vault" is not secure

Hi @Axxonian 


You can require the Master Password be entered before certain actions:


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New Contributor

Re: "Open My Vault" is not secure

I'm aware that you can add pw reprompt for websites.

How do I set it for my entire vault? I can't find it in advanced settings.

Regular Contributor

Re: "Open My Vault" is not secure

The best thing you can do is either log out when you're not using the extension, or better yet, set an operating system password.

If you have administrative rights on an operating system profile, anyone can also sit down at that same computer, install malware or steal important information if they have sufficient time.