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AutoCad authentication conflict with Logmein

On the current release of AutoCad and the past several releases there has been an issue while trying to authenticate AutoCad subscription.  You get an error:  

Error: "The License manager is not functioning or is improperly installed" on systems with LogMeIn installed


AutoDesk has found this to be an issue between itself and Logmein.  The patch is to disable Logmein, license Autocad, then reenable Logmein.  While this works it is a pain.  If you want to license Autocad while remote you cannot.  Because, of course, you have disabled Logmein.  

See more about it from AutoDesk here:

New Contributor

Has this been solved? I understand Autodesk has provided a workaround, but we need a solution. 

Does anyone know what is causing the issues? I know, the LMI display adapter prevents the login screen from appearing. But what caused this? A Windows update? LMI update? Autodesk update?

Out of about 20 computers in the office, there are some that still experience the issue. The same computer model that one person uses does not experience this problem anymore while another still does, and both are fully updated. 

I have been working with Autodesk on solving this issue for almost a year. It seems each computer randomly works the problem out on its own.

Recently, I spoke with tier 1 support who escalated me to tier 2 support who have not answered my e mails. That was 3 weeks ago. Also, tier 2 apparently do not have phones.


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@TimMunro did Autodesk share with you some workaround that is different from what I posted on 9/24/20 regarding using the Autodesk Desktop App?  If so, please share.


My experience is that this issue only seems to occur the 1st time that an Autodesk product is activated for a new user.  It might be limited to just when a new computer is deployed - I can't remember.  After the initial activation, it seems to work normally *fingers crossed* thereafter for that user.  We don't deploy new computers (or new users) all that frequently, so I haven't tested it exhaustively.


This issue has been in existence for a long time.  As you may know, Autodesk licenses used to be activated with a serial number.  I don't specifically recall, but I'll guess that this issue has existed ever since Autodesk licenses were switched over to named users.

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@etb No, nothing really new to share on that front. Talking with Autodesk most recently, they said that the problem resides solely with LMI and they could not do anything more. Autodesk provided info on how to reset the licensing by deleting folders and files and to log into the desktop app, as we all have tried. Of course we can always log into the affected computer in person, disable the LMI services and sign into the users Autodesk account that way.

Talking with our 3rd party Autodesk reps, they noticed a connection between the LMI services and display adapter, Windows updates, and the Autodesk Single Sign On component. My company is fairly new to single sign on (named) licenses. We used multi-user license files prior to a year ago when Autodesk transitioned away from multi-user license support, had no problems before the switch. I believe after Windows update 1904 is when we started seeing issues with single sign on licenses. 

The issues I am seeing are for users new and old. I have one user who has to sign into their account at least once a week, which is another issue that we are working through to find a solution. Autodesk products do not require users to sign in very often, unless there are problems. So again, back to the deletion of ADSSO other license related files and folders in an attempt to fix this issue. Some of us have never had this issue and I cannot locate differences/similarities between any two computers as it relates to this problem.

With all that being said, I found my own way to work around the issue while working remote. As we know, the problem occurs for users logged into their computer remotely through LMI. Other remote desktop apps could be used to log into the affected machine and sign in to the Autodesk product. But these cost money. What I do is log in remotely to my work computer through LMI. Then on my work computer, I use Microsoft Remote Desktop to access the affected machine, stop LMI services and log into the users Autodesk account. I then restart the LMI services and have the user log in as usual. This does involve a certain level of trust though. The user either has to trust me with their log in credentials, both for their computer and Autodesk, or it is understood that these will be reset at their next login. Microsoft Remote Desktop is free and built into Windows 10 Pro (not sure about other versions). 

Hopefully this helps someone while LMI and Autodesk figure out a solution instead of workarounds.