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Mac OS Monterey (and Big Sur) not working with LogMeIn



I've been having this issue for a while, both on upgrade installs and on clean ones, though I am able to connect to any machine perfectly fine with other devices, ie my iPad or iPhone. 


I log into LMI Central, click on a computer to connect to, and it brings up the username and password prompts before taking me to the dashboard for that machine. It also then brings up the prompt asking me to download the LMI applet, which I grant. It downloads, and then when I click on it I get two notifications at once, which when separated out are in the screenshot attached. One asks me if I want to open the application for the first time, the other is similar but asking if I want to open it because it's downloaded from the internet. 


Screenshot 2021-09-01 at 09.46.12.png


All fine, though usually it's only the second one about being from the internet that appears on such occasions. I'm also aware that now and again this will involve going into System Preferences > Security & Privacy and sorting out the permissions for the app to run (second screenshot attached showing that this ISN'T flagging for LMI).  


Screenshot 2021-09-01 at 09.48.33.png


However, as soon as I click through the messages above, nothing happens. Focus changes to LogMeIn Client on the top menu bar and I can go to Preferences, Check for Update etc, but there is no connection to the computer I have chosen. If I quit the app by right-clicking on the icon on the dock and choosing Quit, the app closes and the download is deleted. I repeat this process, but am met with the same results. 


I am using Mac OS 12 Monterey beta, but this was also occurring on Big Sur, and as indicated at the top, whether or not this was on a new, clean install or an upgrade from another version of the OS. 


If I use the LMI Client app that I already have installed then I am able to connect to the machine I need to without issue, but I should also be able to connect via the original method, also. 


Any assistance would be welcome. 





Active Contributor

I feel like my issue which started today probably is not related to arm12345's, but I figured I would post here as well in case it isn't a coincidence.  I do not want to hijack arm12345's thread though, so if my issue is different, I will start my own thread.


My boss uses a MacBook Pro with Big Sur to remotely control the PC we have for him in the office.  This had been working  fine for about 16 months now.  However, today he received a popup message from Finder "you do not have permission to open the application "LogMeIn Client" (see image below).


I am not a Mac user.  But in googling around for this error, I see that the Big Sur update caused this error for a lot of applications at least initially when it was first released.  It seems like that may have had something to do with code signing? 


The last time my boss successfully used LMI was on Aug 2, 2021, so this issue could have been introduced anytime in the past month.  So it looks like theoretically he could be seeing new impacts of OS X 11.5, 11.5.1, or 11.5.2.  I don't know if LogMeIn regularly posts release notes, but the latest I can find seem to be from March, so maybe there haven't been any new LMI releases recently.


Is there any possibility that an OS X update or a LMI Client update in the past ~month caused these issues for both arm12345 and my boss?  If my issue is unrelated, please do not let me hijack arm12345's thread.



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My boss was able to get connected today.  He said he "found a Mac app for flawlessly".  There doesn't appear to be a Mac-compatible app on iTunes, so I'm still trying to get confirmation that he downloaded it from the legit LMI website 😕 


But @arm12345 have you ever tried manually downloading the LMI client app directly from the LMI website (as opposed to  downloading it when you are prompted to do so after logging in)?  Could there possibly be some kind of Apple safety/security thing that prevents the client app from being run out of the temporary downloads folder (as opposed to if you would manually download it and save it to your desktop or something)?  This is the link I could find, but I have no idea if this is always the latest version: