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New Contributor

XP units no longer connecting



I've got a series of 73 XP computers which I still connect to via LogMeIn Central.  Most are using an old version (2700) as this has always allowed me  to connect without issues. 


I have found recently though (in the last month) that I'm struggling to connect, even when the units are online and can be connected to via TeamViewer.


Has LogMeIn altered its settings so that XP units can no longer connect?  Has anyone else had the same issues in the last month or so?


I still use LogMeIn as the Management Console is better than the competitors, as its the only one I know where computers can be sorted by the time they were last online, which helps me to quickly identify if there are any issues.




Paul Harris

GoTo Moderator

@flipflopperph  I apologize for the inconvenience.  XP operating systems are no longer supported:  


Utilizing an older LMI version is also something we cannot guarantee will be compatible.  

Ash is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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New Contributor


I appreciate they are no longer supported.  My question is, has LogMeIn done something in the last month to prevent XP machines from being able to connect?