Automatic Alerts for Offline Computers

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Automatic Alerts for Offline Computers

Automatic Alerts for Offline Computers

I was thinking it might be really useful to have a sort of automatic alert, maybe through email, to alert someone that computers are offline. Does an option like that exist? I couldn't fine one. Or has there ever been discussion on that point? It would probably be good to have either a regular alert (e.g. once a week) or else alerts are sent after X (selectable) amount of time.

Our company uses LMI for around 100 ( and growing) systems at different clients and some of our own pcs. Often these systems go offline and are left offline until needed, and then there is an annoying delay when we are needed to solve a problem. But there is no one that can take time regularly to check through systems to make sure they are all online.

Please and thank you for any help or consideration given to this idea.

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One can setup such alerts with Alert packages (it's part of the Automation module).



  1. Go to Alerts > Manage Alert Packages menu
  2. Click on the Add Alert Package button
  3. Click on the Add New Alert Rule button
  4. Select the Computer rule
  5. Customize the alert conditions (computer goes offline/comes online, after what time duration should the alert fire, whether to send an email, etc.)
  6. Click to Save button
  7. In the Manage Alert Packages list find your newly created package and in its row click the Click here to assign link.
  8. On the next screen select all the computers you wish to be informed about when one of the goes offline

Below are a few screenshots to help along the steps.


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Status changed to: Declined

Declining this change request, since this feature is already available in Central.

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I could really use this option