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Fax History Log

Fax History Log

We are starting to use the GoTo fax service and found that is is lacking a fax history log. We also need to be able to view the content and attachments of the fax and resend them if necessary. This is a crucial function for companies to have the ability for admin to centrally manage this. 


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We have the same need as we have healthcare compliance requirements.  We need a portal to show all the faxes sent, who sent them, the attachment that was sent, the number of retries, time date,...

Then from the portal it should also all us to view and resend the fax.  If we receive a email stating a failure, it should include a attachment of the failed fax so it can be examined and resent.  


The MultiTech Faxfinder is a very good example of the features we require. 

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