Need to have auto reply for text messages

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Need to have auto reply for text messages

Need to have auto reply for text messages

Similar to emails, Gotoconnect needs the ability to have a customized automatic responder to people who send text messages.


For example, if "John Doe" sends a text message to a Gotoconnect phone number, the recipient (i.e., such as me) should have the ability to create an automatic customized text message, particularly if the recipient will be away from the office for a certain period of time. 


Right now, on the Gotoconnect mobile app, there is a text autorespond feature for only incoming phone calls.  Which makes no sense to have it since anyone who calls can get a voicemail message.

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In addition, I need to be able to create an auto greeting or opening to my text messages, so people know who they are coming from and I do not have to type my business name every time I create a text.


Like, whenever I send a text, it should say "Rebecca Krisko, ND:" and then the text message content.  My patients may not have the number stored in their phone and need to know that the text is coming from my office.

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I would also like to see automated text message replies, when "Away" or "Offline", and we need this for the desktop app.


(I understand that the mobile app has an "instant response" feature, but we don't issue cell phones to our employees and employees should NOT use personal cell phones for (a) HIPAA (healthcare) information, or (b) in California due to case law that then can result in having to reimburse employees for personal cell phone expense.)


 So, a "text message auto-reply" feature while Away or Offline needs to be in the desktop app and in the browser version also.

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I would appreciate the ability to turn on and off reminders with an AI system. For instance, when on "holiday" have an autoreply that can state when we will be back in the office to address their concerns.