Organize contacts based of locations

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Organize contacts based of locations

Organize contacts based of locations

It would be a powerful tool at least for my company to be able to organize contacts.


My company has eleven branches and not every person knows everyone. I have remedied the issue by putting the persons location in front of the username.


But if there was a way to organize your contacts by location or branch /hide contacts that you do not want to show and have a separate contact solution for personal company contacts and company contacts. Exactly like how you can filter out contacts on the GOTO mobile app. This feature would be utilized and appreciated.



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It would also be nice to create groups of contacts that could be assigned to different GoTo Connect User Groups or Contact Center call queues.  We have two call queues that refer callers to various agencies, and it would be nice to transfer the call to the external contact simply.

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Status changed to: Investigating

@Bradyhed10 thanks for sharing your idea. Our team is looking into the possibility of making this feature available in the desktop version, we will update the Community when we have further information. 

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Status changed to: Delivered

Create groups of contacts to easily send campaigns to specified customers. Available for Customer Engagement and Contact Center customers only.

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@KateG  You guys in my opinion are so close to having this perfect but not necessarily delivered. Either I am missing the setting or it hasn't happened yet but I am not so worried about grouping contacts that  I have put into my account but grouping contact users.


I guess I do not understand the purpose of the location setting in GOTO admin if it can not be imported into the desktop app


I want to be able to group users that are in my company based of location. We have lots of employees and not everyone knows everyone this would streamline everything, because a lot of my users do not even use the desktop app they just use a hardphone and a directory I send out every quarter. Instead of just a long list of all the companies contacts.


It would also blow our previous phone system out of the water if we could import contacts to users based of location or call group. For example one of our company branches only interacts with one type of customer a cvs file with over 1000 users. To get caller ID I had to  make a google account import contacts on that account and use the goto integration on each user manually to get this to work for them. But our other 10 branches do not necessarily need these contacts.


I think your guys updates have been awesome especially with the headset options and separate softphone on the desktop so I think you guys might be headed in that direction. But some things we run into that would be utilized in our company