Disable End User keyboard/mouse during remote session

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Disable End User keyboard/mouse during remote session

Disable End User keyboard/mouse during remote session

I know one of my teams biggest issues is end users that will not stop moving their mouse or typing during remote sessions and it renders us unable to do anything but sit there and beg them in chat to let us take control back. Can there please be a button added to disable their mouse/keyboard or that when we move the mouse through the program we have priority over them. 

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We should also be able to block the customer mouse and keybard input vs it stopping /overriding our control. this has been causing lots of issues in our orginization.  It make the calls last longer as some customers will not listen when we advise them we will control the mouse and keyabord and please do not click on any popups that may appear.

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Conversely, I'd like the option to be able to lock out the client kyd/mouse when connected, especially in an Unattended session. Occasionally the user will show up after the fact and since they are able to see the screen, they either begin using the mouse which prevents our use or they End Session.

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Status changed to: Accepted

Thanks for all your feedback. I 100% agree. The good news is that this is on the roadmap, I don't have an ETA yet, but but the work will start soon. Due to security reasons, we are planning to deploy it for unattended use cases.