Identify the updates for all devices

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Identify the updates for all devices

Identify the updates for all devices

Hello this suggestion is to for the Software Updates screen. I would like to see the different updates that are pending on all devices and be able to filter by them. This would allow admins to quickly go in and filter and see which devices are missing specific patches.

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This is a MUST have feature in my opinion. If a vulnerability is published, I need to be able to identify all devices that require the specific patch and be able to push just that specific patch to all devices. 

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Status changed to: Accepted

Dear @mwiddi22 @ahodson 

Fully agree. The current patch management is working so that you see the device list and the available patches.

We will release a new "view" which is other way around: you see all patches and devices to install. ETA is Q4.

I believe your request covers that but please let me know if I misunderstand it.