Remote Execution Step Collection Editing

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Remote Execution Step Collection Editing

Remote Execution Step Collection Editing

Currently in GTR, once the step collection has been created, the only option is to delete it, it can not be modified after creation. In order to edit a collection, you must start a new job, add the collection, make your edits, save it as something similar to the existing collection, then run it on one or more assets, for it to save. Then you must go back into Manage step collections and delete the existing collection.

 The only work around I have found, to be able to save using the current step collection name, is to open GTR in another browser. Create new job, add existing step collection, then go into other browser window and delete the original Step Collection. Then you can save the new collection with the existing name. 


  This could all be prevented it there was an ability to edit step collections under "Manage Step Collections"

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Hey @thurberma,


thank you for your feedback which helps us to improve GoTo Resolve. We are sorry to hear that you had a bad experience with the Remote Execution module.


However, I am happy to inform you that your requested feature is already on our roadmap and will likely be implemented in late Q2 or early Q3 (dates may change based on ongoing customer needs and feedback). We will update this thread once the feature has been released.


Thank you for your patience!


All the best,



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Thank you so much for sharing this post!!

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Thank you so much for sharing this post!!


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Great share.....still waiting though 🙂


Hey @Morphears,


thank you for your comment and interest in Resolve's roadmap.


The feature mentioned above has been postponed in favor of introducing Policies for Patch Management and Remote Execution a bit earlier. With that, you will be able to automate when and how updates should be installed on your machines and you can set up a recurrence (daily, weekly, etc.) for Remote Execution jobs, allowing you to focus on more valuable activities. 


While we fully acknowledge the need for editing step collections, we are even more committed to reducing manual tasks and saving time for our customers. 


Thanks for your patience and understanding!


Warm regards,



Thank you so much for sharing this post!!


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I just wanted to follow up and see if this feature request is still on the roadmap? I have not yet seen the ability to edit an existing step collection. 



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Status changed to: Accepted

@thurberma  a new Remote execution template management feature in Beta this March. It will include things like: