Audio notification of a chat message?

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Audio notification of a chat message?

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Audio notification of a chat message?

Is there any way to have GoToMeeting play a brief chime/sound when a chat message has been sent to me?


Oftentimes I don't have the control panel up on my screen, or I don't notice when a message has been sent to me, and it has cause significant problems.


If this feature is not yet available, can this be added to some sort "wish list" for new development? I imagine it's not a difficult feature to add.

GoTo Moderator

@HongKongPhooey  Sorry, that is not an alert currently programmed into the GoToMeeting interface: Incoming Chat Message.

Active Contributor

Thanks for the response AshC. 

I figured as much...I couldn't find anything. Is there a formal process to make a feature request?

New Contributor

Hello everybody,


How can I actiavte an audio-signal if a new chat-message was sent?

I'm working with students where the students have longer phases of working on their own.

I'm still available for questions but I want to be REALLY productive so in this time I'm doing other things.

This means I don't look every 10 seconds into the chat. 


How can I activate this audio-signal?


best regards Stefan



GoTo Moderator

Hi Stefan,

There is currently no audio alert for chat messages, just the notification bubble on the GoToMeeting interface.  I'll change this thread to an 'Idea' for consideration by the Community.