Automatically Lock The Meeting And Hide Camera

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Automatically Lock The Meeting And Hide Camera

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Automatically Lock The Meeting And Hide Camera

Two features that are needed for GotoMeeting:


1) An option to not view myself during a meeting.  I'm a psychologist.  When I meet with people, I simply want to look at them, not at me.  It's distracting.  So, I'd like an option to do just that.  Zoom has it, as does (website for healthcare professionals) among others, I'm sure.


2) I'd also like the option to admit each person myself rather than simply having them automatically be allowed into the room.  When I have two clients back to back, I don't want client #2 coming into the middle of my session with client #1.  I want to be able to admit client #2 when I'm ready to see him/her.  I realize that I can lock the room but I'd rather not have to do that each time I meet with someone.   So that I don't have to send meeting invites to clients each week, I give them my permanent meeting room-not sure if it makes a difference if there are different meeting IDs.  I don't want to have to do the extra legwork.  If there were functionality to admit people from a waiting room OR to be able to automatically lock a meeting, that would also be terrific.  Just signed a contract and am hoping this functionality wlil be added soon.

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Hi @JG119 ,

Have you used the GoToMeeting Room Lock functionality yet? 


Reference guide: 


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I have used the room lock before and it works fine when I remember to do so.  However, since I only see one person at a time, I would love for the system to lock the room automatically after that person joins so that I don't have to do it myself each time.

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Has there ever been a consideration for an "auto-lock" option?  I have no idea if it has meaning for anyone else, but every time I forget to lock my session, that is the time that something will run over and a new group is coming into the existing group.